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Heat and Mass Transfer (HAM)


I would like to share here two recent publications which resulted from my collaboration with one Brazilian (LST, PUCPR) and one French (LOCIE UMR 5271) laboratory. They are both devoted to the problems of the Heat And Mass (HAM) transfer problems in porous materials. More specifically, the first publication is devoted to the problems of explicit/implicit time discretizations and how to overcome slightly the CFL-type stability limit:

The second manuscript is about the spatial discretization of HAM transfer equations using Scharfetter-Gummel-type schemes. Then, the proposed schemes are used to validate the model against experimental data:

As always, these preprints are freely available to read and to download though the HAL server.

I hope that these works will appear soon in the specialized referred journals.

UPDATE: There are two available videos of short talks devoted to the topics covered in publications above: